[OT] Note-taking software suggestions

Thanks, Peter. That’s ‘lateral thinking’ for you!

Handwriting recognition would make everything perfect, every time. If it worked, and if my writing were decent (arthritis).

Your lively imagination ‘scores’ again :slight_smile:.


I came across this just now: https://leanpub.com/markua/read

It may interest you, particularly because the resulting document can be automatically converted to other more sophisticated formats.



LOL, thanks. Come to think of it, if you are on mac and have an iPad pro, you might look into Komp (check spelling?) which is the equivalent of StaffPad, but from what I understand, works better in that you can choose from a palette of notes.

See blo in Scoring Notes of last year.


Thank you, David!

Markua seems a pretty ambitious project, doesn’t it!

Probably too ‘involved’ for what I want, which is really a way of ‘setting’ (as in typesetting) musical symbols and conventions (spatial and of layout) integrated within conventional text. As Leo implies, there is also a balance to be aimed at between making life complicated in order to achieve a simple result and somehow adapting those simple resources which are already at hand in order to achieve something more advanced.

I so appreciate that you thought of this thread when you cam across Markua :slight_smile:.

Thanks, Peter. Yes, it’s Komp; also seems pretty ambitious.


Thanks again: your suggestion took root while I wasn’t thinking about it :slight_smile:.

I did more research and am now happily set up with a combination of Scrivener and MathType, which is both a standalone and kind of plugin for Scrivener that allows equations… pastes them back into my Scrivener doc.

Working very well. Your (and everyone else’s in the thread) help much appreciated!