[OT] Proper way to combine relative tempo and mood into single marking?


I’m labeling the final section in my arrangement with “Risoluto”, but I also want to write “poco meno mosso” as a relative tempo change in the score.

What would be the most proper way of typing this out in a single phrase? Would the best way to word this be with a comma (“Risoluto, poco meno mosso”), with “con” (“Risoluto con poco meno mosso”), or a third way that I’m not thinking of?

Thank you!

I would do Risoluto (poco meno mosso) and set the appropriate tempo in the properties panel.
(Others may differ)


Another suggestion would be Poco meno mosso ma Risoluto (ma=but) or Poco meno mosso, Risoluto. So you define first the “tempo” and then the “mood”, like for example in Allegretto grazioso or Andante con affetto or Allegro aperto or Presto con fuoco

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Looking through Boosey & Hawke’s complete Bartók string quartets, I see a few similar instances, each formatted slightly differently, but always with the tempo adjustment indicated first:

–Ex. 1–
Più lento, espressivo
♩ = 84

–Ex. 2–
Tempo I., ma sempre molto tranquillo (♩. = 58–56)

–Ex. 3–
Tempo I. (tranquillo)

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Thank you!! I think I will go with Christian’s example, since it is backed up by judddanby’s research <3