OT: Screens - Curved Vs Flat - Pros And Cons


Curved screens seem to be fashionable, these days. Could you share your experiences and “views”?

Seen ‘em up close, hate ‘em. Sorry if that sounds grumpy. I think it’s a fad.

Don’t sugat coat it Dan. Say what you mean! :laughing:

Grumpy is good, if it’s honest. :smiley:

Useful if you write rounds for a living. :smiling_imp:

The latest screen I bought was an “emergency” replacement for one which spontaneously combusted while being used, and the only available ones in the shop were curved.

To be honest, having one flat and one curved screen on the same desktop PC, I don’t really notice the difference. But it might make more difference for a 40 inch screen than a 24 inch.

Well I just bought a Samsung 27" curved monitor. It was very cheap (189$) and I think it was worth it. Maybe a curved 32" will be way better, but still I feel it is a more immersive experience. Maybe the extra bucks aren’t worth it for a 24", but anything 27" and up cuts it for me. There are so many people that seem to HATE curved and try to make up problems that don’t exist. Today cured can go really cheap. So cheap that even for “design beauty” you would want to buy it just because it contributes to your studio image as a furniture. Just don’t mount it on a wall. It may appear weird on a flat surface.