OT: SMuFL Layout for PopChar

I know that a few people here use PopChar, which is a font character selector for both platforms.

The app supports user-created font “layouts”, which are organized groups of characters. I’ve created one for SMuFL, so you can use it to easily select SMuFL glyphs, particularly in other applications.

TBH, I do have some complaints about the recent overhaul of the interface; but I’m sure it will get better…

Anyyway, here’s the layout file. If you click on “Custom Layouts” in the Layout drop-down menu, that will reveal the folder where you store your layouts.

SMuFL.txt.zip (2.5 KB)


Wow, thanks! This is excellent - and it also works under PopChar 8 (the most current Windows version).

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Great, thank you! One little bugfix:

Standard accidentals (12-EDO)

Oh yes. I’ve updated the file. Thanks.

Thanks Ben,

I used to use PopChar years ago, but now with macOS, you don’t need that app at all, just open the FontBook, select Bravura font, double click on it, select any glyph then copy/paste to Pages or TextEdit or whatever word processor you use.

Yes; though PopChar has other uses. You can also paste in a character and it will tell you what Unicode it is, which very useful.