OT Topics, prefix by OT

It is standard internet practice i.e. “netiquette” to prefix a subject line in a proceeding post with the letters OT since once a post becomes off-topic or entries in a subsequent topic are not directly related; this allows members to skip past sections which are patently off the subject matter of the original post.

Please aim to conform to this widely accepted and broadly understood standard of forum discourse or we may find that topics will be more readily locked and/or removed.

Thanks for the lecture :unamused: .

[OT]What does this have to do with music?[/OT]

We’re in the lounge :neutral_face:

[OT] #Now thats what I was talking about [/OT]

[OT] Ban the servile self-seeking flatterer: sycophant [/OT]

Am I wrong or is the OP just another incarnation of Brains?

Maybe we can have a poll on OT posts (even in the lounge) since I for one believe there is too much latitude afforded in this instance and it reflects badly on the community in terms of professionalism and proper conduct.

We must conform we must conform we must conform we must…proper conduct will cure us of all ills…

:laughing: Resistance is futile :mrgreen:

[OT]LMAO! #i love this place[/OT]

I think the proposol of OP is not precise enough and can lead to more discussion then without the prefix.
On topic and Off topic have the same first letters.
And IMHO it is also not up to to the writer to decide if something is on or off a topic. A broader discussion must indeed be held before a post can be tagged with such guiding advice.
Maybe we can use the smileys as some sort of indexing tool.

:nerd: = advice
:mrgreen: = off topic
:imp: = report issue
:smiley: = talk about cubase 8
:blush: = talk about older cubase versions
:stuck_out_tongue: = newbie question
:sunglasses: = moderators submission

Admit: the forum would be much more colourfull. :smiley:

I much prefer this cap …


Yes but for the general reading public (lounge is now public) this situation of permanently deralied threads is unbecoming of a sophisticated forum community.

And IMHO it is also not up to to the writer to decide if something is on or off a topic.

I think people can be reasonable and mature enough to know if what they are posting is off the topic of the subject matter at hand.

Less moderation = more liberation

Yes, “reasonable” enough …but “Oh what fun it is…” :slight_smile:

Indeed, yet, when forum members make attempts to moderate, other members tend to exercise their own sense of liberties :wink:


He will just re-invent himself and be back a day later.

It’s not about members trying to moderate in the absense of others’ unwilling or unable, it is merely about common courtesy and using the facilities available, ie. Subject: for the betterment of the forum at large.

I see your view, and have nothing against your ‘suggestion’ It serves as a reminder, and can’t disagree that it’s courteous … but as in real life, subjects can evolve with people’s thoughts sometimes and we just go with the flow. I forget what I’m saying half way through my own sentences sometimes, and change my own subjects.

But “the betterment of the forum at large” hmmm…for who, you? As long as subjects are as a whole being addressed, and aren’t purposely disrupted too much, or in a mean spirited way, and if people are having, oh gosh, a little FUN (like some of the banter here) …it’s all good, IMO. You don’t want to come off as anal do you? :slight_smile: