OT: Yamaha buys Line 6


Smart move, Line 6 has some excellent (complimentary) products for the mobile and desktop market.

Interesting, I also think it’s a smart move.

And why would this belong into the Cubase 7 forum…?


While IMHO this IS great news and the OP did post: OT,
this thread should be posted in the lounge.

Nice info to read tho’. Tanx.

Just thought Cubase users would be interested.

Keep the OT’s coming.

Maybe sometime in the future we will see Line6 plugins make there way to Cubase.

yep looks like the quality of plugin’s will take a tumble and more rubbish interfaces on the way .

I don’t know a single person that’s had a line 6 interface and has managed to hook it up with Cubase first time with no hassle . just saying !

^^ Does this guy ever take a day off??

Agreed on the topic relevance. Would be nice to see Cubase inherit the Line6 POD Farm plug-in as an additional instrument.

Good news indeed. Thanks for the heads up.

Oh this is so true!!! I had discovered last year or so that the proprietary ASIO drivers for devices do not co-exist well making it near impossible. I gave up, mine sits idle collecting dust

Well Yamaha also owns Steinberg…


This could be good in terms of software offerings included within future versions of Cubase.

Hopefully something better than the current raft of hardware/firmware rubbish.

What do you mean it could be good ?
Incompatible cheap audio interfaces ,they can’t even write drivers for their crappy cheap interfaces .

If Steinberg end’s up getting dumped with this rubbish because of yamaha’s say so …IM OUT !

I have used a Pod XT with no problems whatsoever. I don’t see what the fuzz is all about.

I use it as a backup on the go. By the way, I use Line 6 plugins in most of my mixes (professional). I would love to see some kind of integration and included plugs. It will be interesting to see what happens with Reason. Doesn’t Line 6 own Propellerhead? The beat features of Reason included in Cubase would be amazing!

No, they only partnered up in the past.

When I first saw this I figured Yamaha wanted access to Line6’s modeling technologies, and not their audio interface capibilities - I love my Variax and PodHD500. This is the bulk of Line6’s product mix. A very common reason for companies to buy other companies is for the patents. Yamaha already possesses the capability to build audio interfaces, they wouldn’t need to buy Line6 to get that (unless there was a potential patent violation Yamaha is trying to avoid which seems unlikely).

This posting on KVR reinforces my opinion.

I also see this this is a good thing. Seems to me Steinberg’s customer responsiveness improved after Yamaha got involved.

As a humorous side note on patents, I just finished taking the Coursera ChucK programming class - which is a language to do music with and I highly recommend for those so inclined. In the language documentation the following boilerplate appears many times

The basic Chowning/Stanford FM patent expired
in 1995, but there exist follow-on patents,
mostly assigned to Yamaha. If you are of the
type who should worry about this (making
money) worry away.

Naturally, when there is more money on the table.

One great benefit however is that SB have managed to maintain full independence and control of the development (and procurement) process.

Excellent point about the independence. And that shows Yamaha is smart about their acquisitions and not trying to double-guess the expertise of the companies they buy.