Other DAW allows aggregate devices (48 chans), not Cubase


So, my other DAW (name of which rhymes with Mableton Five) properly supports aggregate devices on MacOS. I have my 3 RME Multifaces, giving me 24 input channels and an A&H QU24, giving me 24 more. Latency is also pretty good on the combined aggregate system. I have to use an aggregate device to link the 3 Multifaces together regardless.

Unfortunately, as Steinberg support have informed me, Cubase doesn’t support aggregate devices. That means that only my RME Multifaces’ channels show up in Cubase. Also, if I try to use some of my USB audio streaming devices in the aggregate device (e.g. Korg Kronos, Roland TD30, Line6 HD500x), not all of them show up either. QU24 on its own works OK. Only fails as part of an aggregate device.

If another DAW can properly support aggregate devices, surely it shouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility, that Cubase could too?

Any ways around this restriction…?


Shure? Here the Aggregate Device is working with PreSonus Studio Live and iConnectMIDI4.

Maybe as simple as this?

I was checking out to see if the vepro Pro can run external hardware on a slave computer but it can’t do that because I need to add more ins and outs for external hardware and I can’t do that via vepro

Could be! I’ll try using “default” rather than “empty”.

The reason I’d given up trying, was that Steinberg support themselves told me (when I asked about this) that aggregate devices aren’t supported.

Nope. Not working. It’s working OK in Ableton, but Cubase is only seeing the RME channels.

Edit: Interestingly, the Akai MPC software does similar to Cubase, but throws an error because the sample rate is different on the 2 devices. QU24 is 48KHz. “Mableton” seems to cope with different sample rates though. Maybe that’s a feature of that application?

Ahh…there’s your problem.

You can’t run multiple audio devices at different sample rates like that.

Ableton might be dumb enough to allow aggregation at different rates but as it’s a fixed rate DAW it will probably screw up your recording sync when you get to export stage.

It’s working fine in Ableton, even at the export stage.