Other Instrument's Stave Always Visible

I may be missing something simple but I am writing a piece for vibraphone and triangle (one player) with the triangle first having music roughly half-way into the piece. However both instruments’ staves are present unnecessarily throughout the entire piece. How can I hide the triangle stave until it first enters? (Once the triangle enters it is played at the same time as the vibraphone but by one player, therefore I can’t give the triangle to another player as it would either print out separate parts or a full score with exactly the same problem).

On another note, pedal lines have stopped working half-way through inputting. I know there is a known problem with pedal lines and multiple staves but it seems strange that I put a few in and then stopped being able to add any more. From now on I’m having to copy and paste the ones I’d already added. Have I inadvertently changed some settings?


I would suggest that in Layout Options, you should set the program to hide empty staves on all systems on the Vertical Spacing page, and switch off ‘Allow instrument changes’ on the Players page.

Regarding your pedal line problem, are you in page view or galley view? It may help to ensure you have something on the right-hand staff of the instrument selected when you try to create your pedal line.

Thank you for your reply. I’m afraid I forgot to mention: neither of these changes make any difference. Oddly, when I tick hide empty staves (on all systems), the rests and barlines in the full score layout disappear from the triangle staves apart from in the systems where there’s music in the triangle part. However the staves themselves stay put.

I’m afraid I do not understand what you mean by ‘something on the right-hand staff’. I have tried it in both page view and galley view and pedal lines refuse to be made, including with the popover.

Perhaps you could attach your project here, so we can take a look?

It’s saying the file is too large (even when I zip it up) - I haven’t come across this before. I am I doing something wrong??

If it’s too big, try exporting just the percussionist’s layout via File > Export > Flows, then open that exported project up and do Play > Playback Template to re-apply the default playback template, then zip just that project up and attach it. Sorry for the hassle!

Not at all. The thing is, it is a solo part - the piece is for one player. So there are two layouts: Full Score and Vibraphone & Triangle (the latter being what I have been working in engraving-wise). I’ve attached the Vib and Tri layout. In this layout it is different to the Full Score layout. In the full score, it shows no rests or clefs in empty bars. In this layout it shows the rests and clefs. Please see attached.

Thanks for attaching the project. Unfortunately you’re being bitten by a limitation in Dorico 2.0: the introduction of the extra staff for the vibraphone in bar 148 means that hiding of empty staves is inoperable for the whole flow. The good news is that this limitation is going to be removed in the forthcoming update, so if you can hold on for a few weeks you’ll find this more satisfactory in the update when it arrives. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Righto thank you very much.