Other key for clarinet than piano

hello all

I’m new to Dorico. I want to set up another key for Clarinet Bb than Piano (for Clarinet Gmaj; Piano Fmaj). However, when I move the Fmaj to the piano part the clarinet key will be changed as well. However, when I open the "solo"part itself (so I only see the scores of the Clarinet itself), the key is correct. Why do I see the same key for all instrument in the “whole” partitur?
Where could I change that?


Welcome to the forum, and a belated merry Christmas :slight_smile:

By default, part layouts are Transposing layouts and score layouts are Non-Transposing layouts. Here’s how to change it: https://steinberg.help/dorico/v1/en/dorico/topics/setup_mode/setup_mode_layouts_transposing_non_transposing_changing_t.html

For the whole score you can switch between Concert Pitch and Transposed Pitch in the Edit menu.