Other kind trills to midi import i mean ones with b/#?

Other kind trills to midi import i mainly mean ones with b/#? i mean ones what modify note based keysignature decrasing/increasing it by semitone to what scale have. my daw (unlike most or all others) can play them (generates notes not use samples). and as i compose daw i need move project in midi (becouse some things are not so well in link with one notation tool (i feel its bit unstable and even generated notation when i save it Music XML needs lot modication in Dorico side to be nice notation based my earlier tests for example drum kit parts (Dorico notates them different way and even Dorico default differs what is recommend to me)) (then you know my DAW name) and scale based one (basic one what called trill key in dorico). i know importing such ones needs bit more intelligence but i bet Dorico coders are level they dont have problem include this. if developers understand how important this can be. also others such way are wellcome addition but these two are most important to me. i cannot use these other two what Dorico import supports becouse my daw does not support such trills.(i mean this note generating way).

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking for, Juha-Pekka. Are you saying that you want Dorico’s MIDI import to be able to interpret a wider variety of rapid alternations between notes of intervals larger than a half-step or a whole-step as trills?

i want other trills imported (and for track based way (articulation per midi track) like current is) one what is semitone less than scale based trill is and another what is semitone more what scale have.(also others are wellcome) i mean ones what are notated this way. and i mean they are always such way they are relative to current scale supported ones are scale based,1/2 semitones versions (these my daw does not support at least yet). i can enter of course these kind trills by hand in Dorico (when need remember what is correct interval) but this idea puts symbol automatic imported track. screenshot is my DAW what can play these back and one trill what dorico calls trill key.
i want import such midi tracks easily to Dorico.

So your request is for Dorico to recognize trills with altered auxiliary notes when importing MIDI scores. Is that correct?

needs only convert track such trill marking. my data have base notes only.(becouse my daw engine have feature what allows playthem back m daw know correct note).