"Other music related topics..."

Dear Moderators,

If the humanities are no longer legitimate with music discussion, please delete my account now.

“This isn’t the only game in town” ~Saint Zenda

WE talk about music. YOU don’t. Why ask to be a “martyr”? You can delete your own account if you want.

There’s plenty music and morality in the world. U2, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger. They don’t have to spoon feed their politics to the listener.
By all means contribute any music or musicians that you feel we might find relative to YOUR viewpoint. It would impress more than your past rhetoric. And make more sense.

Guess a number from 1x1 to 6x6. Throw the dice. Ever wonder why you always lose? It’s not a plot.
The trick is knowing that the dice don’t really exist. :mrgreen: When you have the plot then you can get rid of the Brick of Blame around your neck.
Don’t bet on the horses. Bet on the odds. That’s the bookies trick. :laughing: and they always win. So far.

Ahhh, but where’s the drama in -that-??!! :laughing:

Shoot Nate a PM. He’s deleted his own account a bunch of times and could show you how.

You can nuke your account easily from your “my steinberg” control panel. Won’t solve the problem though! :unamused:

Lol. This user base is being overrun by a user base.