Other reasons beside the love of music

Besides my love of playing guitar my entire life, and my love of producing electronic music I try to use my music as an outreach. I try to reach out to people living with epilepsy (I live with 3 different types) what it takes to own exotic birds, some of the abuse or neglect a lot of them get, and what they actually need to survive. I was wondering how many other people use their music for outreach of any type, education of any type, or charity, and not the Reverbnation charity option.

I look severely like crap because I have been sick for over 2 weeks now.

This is 3 of our 6 birds 5 of them have been rescued or unwanted and we took in. The one on the left no one wanted because her beak is crooked, the one on my shoulder we got a week ago the owners took care of her for the first year and a half they had her then just kept her in a cage in their basement only taking her out on occasion for about the next year and a half, the one on the right is from the same people as the one on my shoulder and the people bought him a little over 2 years ago when he was almost 4 months then just put him in a cage in their basement and never really took him out or messed with him except to feed him.

Well, no birds, no outreach, and no epilepsy over here, but welcome to you! Certainly there’s a love of music.

Welcome to these boards!

I can’t stand cruelty towards any animals, so my hat’s off to you, and all the best with your health problems :slight_smile: .