Ouch ipad pro upgrade not what expected

I had a mini 4 which was way too slow for dorico, bought a ipad mini 5 before I knew they were about to release the mini 6. Still problems with recording with the 5.

So today I finally resolved to solve it all with a ipad pro. Fine. Except i get it home and discover they eliminated the ear phone jack!!! I didn’t even think to check for this.

So the last time I tried to work with earbuds the lag was unworkable with them which is why I went to direct earphones.

Please tell me if i purchase some earbuds it can record and get either no lag or get it under enough control to record! I’ve wanting to use the ipad in public without broadcasting it to everyone around me?

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I use an AirPod Pro with my iPad Pro M1 and they work great.

There are dongles to help with this problem. One example…

Edit: They make ones with just the 3.5mm jack, if you don’t need charging at the same time.

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Speaking about Bluetooth ear pads: How is it, plugging an antenna right into your skull?


No different from the low-energy EM radiation that you’re constantly exposed to, regardless.

But you can hear Bill Gates whispering instructions if you listen very closely.


Thanks all! That’s a relief.

(also, I wear aluminum foil on my skull to protect my small cluster of neurons :slightly_smiling_face:)

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