Our Demon and His Train

Hi Crew,
Because i know have Yamaha monitors, i started remixing the whole OverLand Album.
I knew it, but i didn’t imagine that the difference between mixing with monitors against headphone was so big…
The fist one is Our Demon and His Train. I also reviewed the low end to be able to be heard on poor speakers.
You can listen the track here:

Stream Our Demon and His Train by Stephco | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Hi Stephco,

This new mix sounds great at home with my Yamaha HS50MS. The nuances in the depth and the panorama seem better defined than the previous mix, it must be said that it was already well previously. However, I would say the mix sounds less compact, it’s more airy. The instruments are better perceived in space.

Although my HS50 offer a frequency response of 55Hz - 20kHz (-10dB) with an LF: 5 "cone, I can still appreciate the difference.

Well done!

Big thank you Rene_L,
Yes, I’ve also got the same feedback from a couple of friends and my son. The other big thing is that it seems to also work with tiny speakers. I used Rbass for that matter.

Your ears are obviously important to me - Because of your comments, i now can say that i start trusting my monitors - HS8.

I’m remixing the all OverLand album. Will not do for the previous ones, but it’s a way for me to learn and adapt to my new environment.

Take care, and happy new year 2022!

love it. just listened on my laptop speakers… but very cool.

Thank you.
It’s a good news to know that, even on laptop speakers, the track can fly…
Thanks again for your time listening.

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Just listened on my HS-80M speakers, which is the generation before the HS-8. It sounds fabulous. I find when I mix on headphones, I over-emphasize the bass. A limitation of my headphones. But the thing you can’t get with headphones is the two channels coming to both ears. So headphones can sound great, but not like speakers.

If you don’t mind, point me to the Overland album. I’ve got Spicy Spaces, but I don’t have Overland in my playlist.

Thank you Leon.
Yep, there is a huge difference and you are 100% right.
With headphones : Bass sounds are over emphasis, panning isn’t the same, and the overall balance of sounds isn’t the same at all…
In fact, i will still use head phones when going into details of a specific sound.

The big difference for me now, is that i can now start having confidence with my monitors - which is really new to me.

The OverLand album isn’t fully remixed (it’s quite big work…) only the 2 first tracks have been uploaded to both SoundCloud and Bandcamp. (1. Our demon and His Train - 2. Bright Territories)

I’m almost done with the 3rd song “Trucks”.

PS: I’ve DM you on where you can find the 2 first ones.

That is a big expansive sound. I love it.


Thank you Jonathan.