Out now: Granular Symphonies for Padshop und Padshop Pro

Steinberg is elated to announce the immediate availability of Granular Symphonies. Created by the acclaimed composer and sound designer Simon Stockhausen, this expansion pack adds to Steinberg’s award-winning Padshop Pro and Padshop granular synthesizers.

With beautifully intricate textures, pads and leads, Granular Symphonies spans 2 GB of exquisite content, featuring instrumental and vocal samples recorded and edited by the man himself plus 260 supplementary presets.

Simon Stockhausen said he hopes that “this library will inspire many composers around the world and expand their sonic palette to paint beautiful, haunting, wondrous and enchanting musical pictures.”

Available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop, Granular Symphonies offers new samples and presets to the libraries of Padshop Pro and Padshop.



I bought it, and I received the mail with the invoice and the serial number. I activated it through eLicenser but I don’t have download after the payment. So now I can’t find any link to download it again.

Do you know where I can find and manage the downloads I purchased?


Same Problem, do you found any solution?
Cleared, I downloaded the Trial after the elicenser activation.

Same Problem.
I need link for download.
I dont understand why download link is not included in order confirmation?

Same problem here.

Put a support question in about this yesterday.
Haven’t heard anything yet.
Come on guys you’ve got my money, where’s my download.

Same here!!!
I dont understand

I’ve put two support requests in in the last couple of weeks, one about this and one about another issue which i’ve now resolved(no thanks to Steinberg support!!!) I have heard nothing back on either support request. Is this a good way for a company to treat it’s paying customers? I’m very disappointed :frowning:

Dear Users,

I have sent everybody an email which contains the Downloadlink.

Everybody else who needs a download or installation data needs to contact the support by email:

info (at) steinberg.de



Thanks Jan much appreciated :smiley:

I’ve had the same problem, I paid for the granular symphony set and received no confirmation, no download information