Out now: Nashville for Groove Agent

This is the newest drum expansion in the widely acclaimed line of VST Sound Instrument Sets for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4, exclusively recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, to capture the sound and groove of modern country music.

Key features:

    • Authentic drum kit dedicated to contemporary country music productions
  • Recorded by Grammy-award-winning sound engineer Chad Carlson at Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville TN, USA
  • 13 kit pieces recorded in over 8,000 samples and over 7 GB in total
  • 24-bit recordings with up to 16 velocities and 5 round robins
  • 4 ambient channels per instruments including overheads, room close, room far and roof
  • Additional trash mic channel for extra character
  • 21 Styles for classic, ’90s and contemporary country
  • Exclusive drum MIDI grooves played by Miles McPherson (Kelly Clarkson, Paramore)
  • All Styles variable in complexity and intensity from within Groove Agent’s Style Player
  • Each Style includes several intros, fills and endings

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I have just purchased this product and can’t see how to access snare A. It’s a mystery
Thanks Bruce

Sorry I meant, I can’t seem to be able to access Snare B

Both snares can simultaneously be played. Snare A is mapped to D1 and Snare B to D0.

We’re these recorded in Sound Emporium’s Studio A or Studio B? Trying to find an impulse response that would match these kits in order to add my own cymbals.

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This link is broken - leads to “The page cannot be found (404 Error)”

Has this already been discontinued???
The link is the only one on the page that is no longer active and cant be found

This is still being sold. The page may have been renamed but someone forgot to update the links.

I wrote to support about the broken link and they fixed it, in time for me to hear the Nashville demo and buy it during the sale.
Now I’m wondering about the installation. I ran the installer (Windows 10 64 bit) and wonder do I now need to run the Set Up exe. application?

When the activation box popped up I put in the activation code I got to download it and it said I couldn’t use it again. So where do I get another code to activate now that I’ve installed Nashville?


I put got the activation code, installed it, but it is not showing up anywhere. How do I “locate” it, to use it?

There are issues with accessing the kits. File allocation, need more support as to Installation ,especially if installing to a Secondary Drive as not to fill up my OS SSD. No info anywhere.