Out now: Neuro Mindset

Produced by Rawtekk exclusively for our range of VST Sound Instrument Sets comes to you our latest signature expansion set for Groove Agent 4 and Groove Agent SE 4. Neuro Mindset gives you sounds and patterns that feel at home in drum and bass, dubstep and other step-ish music productions.


• 30 electronic kits produced by Rawtekk
• 572 electronic sounds including kicks, snares, hi-hats, percussion, synths and SFX
• Complete production kits for drum and bass, neurohop and dubstep
• 353 groove patterns for instant beat programming

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Purchased and installed. I cant seem to find it in the groove agent browser.
It should be under “neuro mindset”?

Is your GA updated to the latest version?

Bought this last week, the content is UNBELIEVABLY good!!

You can tell that Rawtekk put a lot of time and effort into this pack.

I will be buying anything with a Rawtekk sticker on it from now on :slight_smile:

Rated 10/10.

Hi, I have just purchased this and installed. Then opened Cubase and the kits are showing in the browser for Groove Agent SE4 as ‘Beat Agent Neuro Mindset’ but when I click on the kits they don’t load.

There is a more recent update of Groove Agent (mine came with Cubase elements that I bought 6 months or so ago) but I’m scared that if I update it I will lose all my kits that I’ve loaded in but not saved as kits, and I’ve got loads of projects that I’m part way through.

Any idea why the kits won’t load? And if I update Groove Agent will it affect my current projects?

UPDATE All the samples are in my Media Bay, categorised by kit. So I can use the kits by dragging each set of samples into Groove Agent. But for some reason the presets that should load a kit and map the samples to the keys don’t work.