Out now: Vintage Classics for Retrologue

Steinberg is elated to introduce Vintage Classics, a new VST Sound Instrument Set for Retrologue. Comprising 400 presets for leads, bass, pads and effects, this expansion pack boasts many of the classic synthesizer sounds heard in the electronic music productions of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Producer, synthesizer programmer and sound designer Dave Polich, who has been collaborating with many world-renowned artists and major manufacturers, created this sumptuous set of sounds that beautifully reflect the musical heritage from three decades.

Vintage Classics is exclusively available as download through the Steinberg Online Shop.



bought it… LOVE IT!

I can really recommend this pack… for around £25 english pounds, this really is an eye opener…

as a session guitarist, who also owns Omnisphere and Zebra2 AND Diva… I, somewhat embarrasingly have only ever used the presets ( advanced synth heads i apologise ! )

when i loaded this bank in, i was literally STUNNED… the Kraftwerk sounds alone blew me away, not to mention the Van Halen “why cant this be love” and The Who’s “wont get fooled again” organ… there is even a sound effect that you can use to blend in if you are doing Pink Floyd’s “Time” and want some alarm clock noise…

well… I could go on like this for hours… however, the point I was trying to make here is… it really got me thinking… just HOW HARD can it be to make up your own presets and synths ?!! a few days later, and ive made up some lovely electric piano sounds, even white noise mixed with LFO’s so it sounds like rain splattering on an umbrella… my reaction to this sound bank, has led me to open, Prologue, Spector, Mystic and Padshop and Retrologue… and ive been simply missing out completely on the possibilties…

just wanted to post this in the hope It inspires more of us to make our own patches up… would be good if there was a way to “share” the presets between users tho’ ? a forum thread to upload presets dealing with just the Steinberg synths (of course!)

despite having bought omnisphere and zebra2 a few months back, i do feel rather guilty for having done so… i would, at a guess, say that 90% of all the sounds you’re after, from Van Halens “Jump” to the wierdest JMJ style replications COULD be made using the built in Steinberg synths!

how about posting up settings for famous sounds then, using Retrologue ? :wink:

Hello Everyone,

after installing the Vintage Classics Pack, the Factory Presets are gone when working with Retrologue outside of Cubase. I only have access to my User-Presets and the Vintage-Classics-Pack.
Retrologue is my main Synth as a Live-Keyboarder. I’m working with Brainspawn forte 3.

Is there a way to get the Factory Presets back?


Is there a list of the presets included in this pack ? :slight_smile:


after I bought the Vintage Collection I don´t receive an activation code.
How can I get them?


Hi Steffen,
the Vintage Classic VST Instrument Set just installs the new presets. There is no change made to the factory presets. Please get in touch with our support via MySteinberg.


there is no such list included.


there is no activation code needed for this instrument set.

by Matthias Quellmann » 30 May 2013 12:25

Near Dark wrote:Hi,

after I bought the Vintage Collection I don´t receive an activation code.
How can I get them?



there is no activation code needed for this instrument set> .

So we could spread and share :laughing:
Just a joke

Kudos to Dave Polich for this expertly programmed sound set.

Many classic and iconic analogue recreations from the 80’s that sound better than the originals they were based upon.

The Bass sounds have a real punch to them.

As for some of the patch names:

A Virgin Ana Pad
About Love Pad
Addicted 2 Brass
Africa Brass
Ain’t No Sync Comp

In fact the Sync Sounds and FX beat the likes of the Pro 53

Definitely check out
Why Can’t This B Bass
Why Can’t This B Sync

Great stuff!!



In spite of not being very enthusiastic about it I gave it a chance yesterday and what I found was a whole bunch of perfectly designed and useful patches that will fit in many of the genres of electronic music that I’m working on.

Hi, I installed the package but can’t seem to see the new sounds. Is there something I need to do to access them. The sound names seen on the demo are not available through search.

J-F Simard
Cubase 7.0.4

Never mind, pretty stupid mistake on my end. I was looking for the demo names in the presets list which obviously are not the actual sound names but the Audio Clip names. duh…

All good now, on to exploring!

J-F Simard


I just bought the Vintage Classics, installed the .exe file without trouble but can’t find any presets that seems to be of Vintage Classics set. Solution?

I coulnd’t see any activation code so there is nothing to be done with e-licenser, right?

Running Cubase 6.5.3