Out of nowhere, I can no longer stretch audio?

Been a part of my music making process for years and now all of sudden this morning I can no longer drag or distort samples? I keep seeing things about musical mode but I have never messed with any musical modes. Usually just create an empty project file and go on with my usual process.

Usually, I import a sample, cut a small snippet from it, and then I can click the bottom right corner and drag and distort it all I want. Now, it just “brings back” the audio from which I had cut the snippet from.

Say I had some audio that was 3 beats long but I want to drag it to fit a full bar, boom easy. Now, it wont it just wont drag or distort.

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Does the problem occur with the time stretch tool selected, or have you maybe accidentally switched the selection tool to normal mode?

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Make sure the Audio Event is not in the Musical Mode, please.