"Out of Range detection" on Harp seems to be wrong


“Out of Range detection” on Harp seems to be wrong
Could anyone explain to me why harp contains red noted heads in the following example?

Thanks in advance.
harp worng range detection.dorico.zip (537 KB)

In case of harp, all the notes that are not playable with current harp pedal settings are considered out of range. If you haven’t added any harp pedalling, Dorico assumes that all pedal is in natural settings (quasi C-Major). See more info here: https://steinberg.help/dorico_pro/v3/en/dorico/topics/notation_reference/notation_reference_harp_pedaling_c.html

You mean C-flat Major, of course…

Not if all of the pedals are in the central position. Then they’re all set to natural, producing a scale of C major, as András said.


Not sure if this is a related problem. When calculating harp pedaling in the highest octave, Dorico 3.5 does not deliver correct results.
I need to transpose the passage down by 2 octaves, calculate harp pedal changes and then transpose up again.

I’ve not come across this problem, hanstutschku. Could you please provide a minimal example that would help us to reproduce and understand the problem you’re reporting?