Out-of-sync audio on 'Next part' trigger

Hi I’ve noticed that when using FlexLoops in combination with the ‘Next part’ action (either by pressing down button or using a MIDI controller) there’s a chance that the following part is out-of-sync. It seems to be depending on the buffer size setting:

  • High buffer size → Long delay
  • Small buffer size → Small delay

The click stays in sync but some of the audio is delayed.

Project setup:
6-12 Audio tracks 48kHz 24Bit
Chord Track
Lyrics Track
No Instruments

This issue might not be depending on the FlexLoop feature, to reproduce choose a buffer size with audible latency (1024, 2048 samples) and excessively use the up/down keys.

The current workaround is to use the lowest available buffer size of 64 samples which hopefully only the drummer would notice and crossing fingers that the playback doesn’t have any other issues