Out of the blue latency in a single project

Something strange happened with my Cubase 8.5

I was working in a project for a few hours. Everyting worked fine. When I came back from a little brake (approx. 45 min) I found that there was a 20 ms latency when playing my keyboard. So I saved my project, rebooted my keyboard and my pc and fired up Cubase again. Guess what… The latency hasn’t gone away. I opened another (heavier) project: No (audible) latency. So it has to be something within my project that is causing the latency.

I’m running Cubase Pro 8.5 with a behringer control 2 USB as my audio interface. My keyboard is a Roland FA06 (midi over USB)

I’n hoping someone can tell me how to deal with this.


Double-check the plug-ins on the Stereo Out channel, please. Do you use some Compressor or Limiter here?

And do not double post tjrough different foeums… :evil;