Out of tune project tracks

I’m starting to have an issue where as my project plays tracks go out of tune, It started slightly but has now progressed to where its turning into an unusable mess, If I hit MIDI reset it seems to sometimes correct it…
Any one have any ideas?

Could you give more precise information?
Which Cubase version/OS? Which Virtual Instruments are you using? Does this happen with all projects and all instruments or just specific ones (some VSTis go out of tune if they think they are not correctly licensed e.g.)?
Do you have any external MIDI devices connected to your system that might send erroneous MIDI messages like Pitch Bend?

hi fese,
thanks for your input
I’m using Cubase 12 latest version
I have an Impact keyboard controller and I was suspicious it was that sending PB data, so I turned it off, but the problem continued, so i sort of ruled that out
originally I was having the issue with Halion se, so I changed PB to zero on Halion, but then started having it on my other VSTs all of which are licensed and been in use for a long time
so then I created an empty project thinking my templates may have some issue, but it happened even in an empty template
Its a fairly recent development, but it seems to be progressing

So is this only affecting VST instruments, not Audio tracks?

as far as I know mlindeb
but I just discovered something, I looked on a controller lane for one of the tracks and there was indeed some extraneous PB data. Was it my controller, was it something in my settings, unknown at this point, but at least now I have seen the problem leaves a traceable trail, I will be watching and testing to confirm, thanks all for the input

Most likely your controller, I once had a MIDI keyboard where the mod wheel (or some sensor there) was broken and which continuously sent more or less random CC1 data, which got of course recorded.
You could use the MIDI Monitor insert on a MIDI or instrument track to see what data arrives from your keyboard.