Out of tune vsti pianos?

I have a project imported from 10.5. The electric piano, Lounge Lizard 4 is a few vent out of tune. This is random. If I duplicate the track and delete the original it is in tune again. However the next time I load the project it is often out of tune again. If I duplicate the track and play them both together it is like a very wide chorus. Unfortunately the detuned track make the project sound sour and wrong.

It is not to do with sample rate etc. as in other posts.

If I choose Modartt Pianoteq the same thing happens. This did not happen on my previous computer and did not happen in 11.0. However I can’t revert to the previous version as that option in the Control Panel does not exist anymore,

This behaviour does not happen in projects created in 11.1

Are there any CCs somewhere along the timeline in the midi part, or automation?

How about a Note Expression tuning command in a note somewhere?

Well I did have a cc83 that was in the list of lanes, However when I selected the Midi Controller Setup it was not in the visible window. Which I don’t understand. I have since deleted that lane. For the moment I have two version of the piano track and one of them is in tune and the other is out. If I delete the out of tune one next time that track is out of tune… Very peculiar. Well annoying also as I cannot complete the project. I would play the piano part again but I can seem to get it right!!!

After deleting the cc83 I now have cc83 and cc85 that I can’t seem to delete.

I have changed the vsti to Pianoteq 7 from 6. This seems to be in tume but I won’t know until I load it again tomorrow.

if you feel like posting the cpr, or pm’ing it, I could try loading it up here…

I am wondering whether the issue is with Lounge Lizard 4. More specifically the import from 10.5. I have just deleted all the versions of LL4 from the project and replaced them all with Pianoteq 7 electric piano. So far so good. Unfortunately I have also migrated to a new computer and don’t have 10.5 installed to see if it is behaving normally there and whether the cc83 and cc85 is included in the controller lanes. If it goes out again perhaps I could do as you suggested, It is quite a large project. Thank you very much for your suggestions.

It couldn’t be Discobot?

Lets ask- @discobot are you screwing with @silhouette’s project?

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Well that is unfortunate.

I have been through all the controller lanes. The only one showing any activity is cc83. which is set to 127 and does not seem to do anything when that has been deleted…

Hm… weird. :man_shrugging:

Yes! Weird is right. I am guessing that the combination of moving computer, revisting a project done on the old machine in 10.5 and the midi part done with Jam Origin Midi Guitar.
Funnily I have found that leaving the original electric piano part and the duplicate means that at any one time one of them is in tune. Which is my work around for the moment. Here’s hoping that this will not plague other projects I am planning to revisit.

Are you using the Midi Modifiers on the track, if so check the scale adjustment at the bottom - it should say “Scale - No Scale” and “Scale Note - C” unless you actually have set something different. There was an issue when importing older projects into C11 with this, I had it myself, although I must say it manifests itself as rather more than things being a little out of tune (it set itself to Locrian mode!)

Hmm interesting. However I was not using midi modifiers unless the Jam Origin Midi Guitar performs this function. To be fair I have to delete all the pitch info on the midi track. However I have just opened the project and both tracks are in tune with each other. At some point something will happen and one will go slightly out of tune with the other. Thanks for the info.

Perhaps you could tell me what the black diamond symbol in front of the controller lanes in the Lanes pop up window. Velocity has it as does CC83 and cc85. It might be worth adding that neither cc83/85 are in the “Visible” Window in the Midi Controller Setup window. If, as I suspect, it indicates an active controller lane, why does it not show up when I click Show All used Controller Lanes? CC83 comes up with 127

This does, in fact, denote that there is data on the lane in that MIDI part. If I were you, I would make sure to open then delete all extraneous data in those lanes in all MIDI parts, as well as to check all MIDI parts for pitch-bend data. I chased a similar ghost in one of my projects a while back (one I couldn’t recreate as it was the performance data of a proficient keyboardist). Turned out one of the many MIDI parts had a slight, momentary pitch-bend, that caused the whole track to stay slightly detuned!

I can’t find that option anywhere. Where do you see it? All I see is “Show/Hide Controller Lanes”

Sorry I meant show all used automation. Also I had brought up the “set Up Available controllers” where the two lanes CC83/85 were not present/visible. Even if I manage to delete these controller lanes they reappear the next time I open this project. Thank you for showing an interest.

It has started again with a new project (vsti out of tune. IKs BX3). This time I have noticed a new and potentially disturbing behaviour. If I mute or solo the offending track on the arrange page it does not do so on the mixer!!! It works if I mute or solo on the mixer page. This only happens with the out of tune track. This must be related. I certainly have not noticed this before.

Can you upload the .cpr?