Out of tune

Hi, anyone got any advice with out of tune tracks? I’m using a slave Korg m3 which has been great but I’ve noticed it appears out of tune in the final mix down especially fading out at the end of a song. Is this the age of the instrument, the Scarlett focusrite midi interface not powerful enough or a Cubase problem? Is this a common feature with synths regardless of age?


I think it may be a universal problem. When I noticed a clearly audible out of tune piano note in Halion Sonic SE, I got Sample Tank and noticed it also had several instruments out of tune, and even extremely badly recorded - badly enough to make them unusable in an exposed way. I have a Yamaha Motif, and with listening extremely closely I believe there are some out of tune notes there as well (though it may be down to the effects, I have not stripped them and listened to the raw notes).

I stopped using tuners to check the notes … it says just about ALL these are out of tune!

Thanks. I’ll try these. Tonight everything seemed out of tune but I’ve got a cold and my hearing is not too good.