Outboard Gear -- lots of echo

I’m running WLpro9 on PC, Apollo Twin and Audient 880…

I tried setting up an External Effect chain, but I keep getting an echo…I’ve tried increasing and decreasing both the latency on the external effect panel and the buffering on both the Apollo control panel and the audio preferences in WL.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who has had this problem…thank you for your help!

Sounds like you are monitoring through two chains… My guess is you’re monitoring through the Apollo, and through Wavelab simultaneously so it sounds like an echo. The Apollo is probably giving you latency free direct monitoring, and monitoring through Wavelab is giving you the same feed that is delayed by the amount of latency on your system.

FWIW, when using external effects, when you go to record, you do not need to check the “monitoring” box - because you are monitoring standard through Wavelab playback channels.

Anyway - check your monitoring chains and make sure you’re only monitoring on one of them…