Outboard Synth MIDI OUT


I’ve recently acquired a synth and I’m having trouble with Cubase and MIDI Out.

The midi routing seems correct, as I’ve always done it with other synths, and when I select the midi track, it plays and I can see it on the audio track. Once I record some MIDI and hit PLAY, Cubase stops sending that midi to the synth. It’s only sounding when I play it through the controller.

MIDI Track- IN- Kurweil PC3
Out- Moog Voyager

Any suggestions?



Make sure, you don’t filter the MIDI Notes. You can find it in the Preferences > MIDI > MIDI Filter.

Should the boxes be selected?

The thing is that it only happens depending on the project. Some projects have no problem recording midi and sending it out to the synth.

The box shouldn’t be selected. If it is selected, the MIDI data is filtered out.

But if it’s project dependent, then it’s something else.

Could you post a Screenshot of the two projects (working and non-working) with the MIDI Track selected in the Project window and the Track name tab open?