output bus problem

I am using Cubase Elements 8. I am also using an Edirol UA-25 as an input for my guitar, and I am using a Korg padKontrol as a midi device for the drums. I am working on a pc with Windows 7.
In Device>Device Setup>VST Audio System I have selected the UA-25.
In Device>Device Setup>MIDI.MIDI Port Setup I see amongs other the padKontrol as a MIDI input.
What I would like to do is to use as inputs the UA-25 for the guitar and the padKontrol as the mididevice for the drums. I would like to route the output of a recording to the soundcard of the PC. However, if I go to Devices>VST Connections>Outputs (tab) and try to add an output bus which I try to route to the ASIO driver which I have installed on my PC, I can only choose the UA-25 as an audio device. So I can only hear my playback on the UA-25.

Any advice on how I can achieve my goal?

You can only select one driver at a time in device settings (F4) in Cubase. This will only display the available ports for this device in outputs.

Thanks, that’s clear then.