Output Busses to be used as Input Busses (Digitakt / Overbridge)

Hi, I’m on Cubase 10.5 Artist, here ;-). So, I’m trying to get my Elektron Overbridge (Digitakt) to record individual tracks in Cubase. Everyone says you gotta:

  1. Create additional out busses
    2.Route the individual tracks from Digitakt into the busses in 1.
    3.Create audio tracks corresponding to the VST tracks in 2
  2. Route the out busses in 2 to the inputs of the audio tracks in 3.

Which is all cool, yeh, but I cant find the out busses i’ve created in the input dropdowns of the audio tracks I’ve created in step 3.

Can anyone help please?

Maybe you have to create Inputs? In Cubase…

I wish it was that simple…i think I need to upgrade to Pro

that will not solve your problem

SO, I tried your suggestion above, I dont think it worked. Do you know any other ways to work around this issue? Also, can you explain to me why Pro wont work please?

That is exactly what I did not say… you have a configuration problem

cool, thanks, so how do I resolve it please?

We still have to figure out what exactly your problem is…

Ok. so where do you propose we start?

I called Cubase Support this morning, and the great guy on there promptly confirmed it certainly has to do with the level of Cubase I’m using. What I requested above only works with Cubase Pro.