Output chain in channel editor wrong after save?

Hi, I have discovered what looks to me to be a bug with the channel editor. I couldn’t see it listed anywhere, but apologies if it has already been reported.

The problem can be demonstrated for multi-timbral VSTs instantiated as either rack or track instruments. It is just described here using a rack instrument as an example.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add an instance of HALion Sonic SE to the rack & enable output ‘HSSE Out 2’
  3. Create two midi tracks (‘MIDI 01’ & ‘MIDI 02’)
  4. Connect track one to HS channel 1
  5. Connect track two to HS channel 2 and set output selector in the inspector to ‘HSSE Out 2’
  6. With focus on track two, open the channel editor and make sure ‘Show Output Chain’ is enabled. It will show the chain as ‘MIDI 02’->‘HSSE Out 2’ (As expected)
  7. Save the project, exit, and re-open it
  8. Repeat step 6. Although the Inspector still shows the output selector as ‘HSSE Out 2’, the channel editor now shows it as ‘MIDI 02’->‘HSSE Main’

Can anyone else reproduce the same please?

Thanks, Ian

I have reported this issue many times. It has been acknowledged by Yamaha but probably not related to development at all. Response from April 2014:

I have confirmed the issue. Do you also have a forum post with other users having the same problem? If so please send me the link.

Thank you
Jeff Deno
Steinberg Support

Thanks for the confirmation. I couldn’t see it listed under the ‘Collected Issues’, hopefully one of the moderators will add it to the list.

Cheers, Ian

Updated title

I have exact same problem.
Did you find solution?


Still broken in Cubase 9. I can’t believe it.

There keep just saying, it is fixing.
Does it really hard to fix it?
They are only interested in $$$?

And channel setting is broken all the time.

Yes I can’t believe this is still broken. Thanks to Keyboard Maestro I no longer care. It analyzes the lower image section of the screen and opens the corresponding audio Chanel for me. After the 8.5 graphics disaster i no longer hold my breath on any fixes. Still working on C8 every day.