output channels in the project window

Is there a way to see output channels in the project window?

Mmm… it is possible to get a folder called ‘Input/Output Channels’ to appear in the track list on the Project screen - it is on the visibility list, but I have never been able to actually get anything to show up in the folder. After making this folder visible, I was expecting it to be populated with the project’s input and output channels, but nothing happened - even saving the project and restarting Nuendo did not populate the folder, so obviously I’ve never understood the logic behind this.

Many years ago I did sometimes see some things in the folder, but never knew how they got there or where the went!


You have to write some automation in that tracks, and it will become visible.
(You can then turn the automation “off” again, but then it wouldn’t make any sense anymore to see the channel in the project window) :slight_smile:


@ Fredo.

My templates have the Master Channel in the project window. When you’re working on one monitor it’s much easier to access the Inserts of the Master from the Inspector of the project window - instead of having to open the mixer all the time.

None of this is making any sense to me. Why should it be necessary to add automation in order to get inputs and outputs to show up?


I’ve set up my templates to show the stereo out in the project window.
I then removed it from the folder so it is just another track way down at the bottom.
I had trouble getting some macros to work properly when it was in the folder.

Selecting the stereo out by name wouldn’t work if the output channel was in the folder.