output connections

Hi all

maybe this is stupid question but I am planning on buying a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

can I do the following in my connection

  • Connect my main monitors (Adams) to the Monitor output at the back and create the default output to these
  • Create 2 monitors in the control room (One for my Alesis monitor on lineoutput 7&8 and one for my hifi amp on 9 & 10), which is then copy to the headphones out?
  • Create 3 studios on line outputs 1&2 , 3&4 , 5&6 ?

Now, if I select “Mix” on the monitor outputs in the control room (Alesis and hifi), is that an exact copy of what coming through the Adams?

I have read the manual and are using control room now, but the saffire comes with a lenghty control panel and is scaring me :smiling_imp:

Best regards