Output from audio track not being processed on target tracks while monitoring that track

I have been using Cubase-family software for a few years, so am quite familiar with its audio connections and routing. I am using it with a Steinberg UR44 interface that I have also used for years. Running it on a capable Win 10 pro workstation with robust i7 CPU and 16 GB of RAM. I am having trouble connecting a stereo audio track to any “output targets” (i.e., master mix output track, send effect tracks) only while monitoring or recording. The stereo input from the UR44 is sending audio to the audio track, and meters in both of those tracks respond normally. I can record audio from the stereo track and play it back. During playback that stereo audio track has the normal, expected results: all output target tracks respond normally to the recorded audio signal, and process it with the insert effects in each track. Within each of those output target tracks, the track routings show that stereo audio track as an input source.

Here is where it gets weird. When I press the monitor button on the audio track (also during recording on that track, with monitor button engaged), the audio track signal is audible through my headphones, and I can control the level with the input and audio track faders, but none of the above-mentioned output target tracks respond—that is, there is no meter movement in the master mix output track or send effect tracks, and the monitored audio signal in not processed by any VST plugins inserted in any of those output target tracks.

Here are the things I have unsuccessfully tried to remedy this situation. No luck. (1) changed the ASIO driver in Studio Setup to another driver, then back to the Steinberg UR44 driver; (2) disabled Control Room, then removed input and output busses, and added new busses from Presents; (3) bypassed all insert effects in the stereo audio track. (4) opened past projects and tried to create the desired routing using existing tracks; (5) started a new projects from different templates: (6) added a new stereo audio track with master mix output track as the only output target, with no insert effects and no sends to effect tracks; (7) enabled Control Room, removed any Output Buss in Audio Connections, and set the UR44 Mix 1 L+R as the Device Ports.

Within Studio Setup the input and out busses are each shown as the defaults.

I normally use this PC workstation mostly for mixing, and occasionally recording audio. I more often use a modest Win 10 laptop with Cubase AI just to record audio tracks in a different location. I never before had this issue with either machine or either version of Cubase.

I may be missing something very obvious, but have spent hours trying to fix this.

Thank you in advance for any fresh ideas or suggestions to fix the issue.

Could it be direct hardware monitoring?

That was the problem, and you fixed it within a few minutes of my posting.

I do not use Direct Monitoring with that interface, so never thought to check it, and do not know how it got checked.

Thanks a trillion!!! Enjoy your day, you let me enjoy mine. Much appreciated.