Output from audio track somehow routing through other audio tracks

I have a project that has many audio vocal tracks. One track in particular will always route through multiple audio tracks below it. ex> Track 6 plays and I see it playing through tracks 7-10 in the mixer. (Those other tracks are blank during that time segment.) Thus I have 4 sliders to adjust levels, which of course isn’t great for automation.
I’ve tried copying clips to a fresh audio track but it does the same thing.
I’ve check the routing and it’s going straight to the stereo out.
I’ve been using Cubase only a few months so might be something dumb I’m doing but I’ve spent hours trying to figure it out.

Using Cubase AI 10

Any advice?

did you checked the “sends” as well?

Yes there are no Sends for the tracks in question

make a screen shot please

You can see in the attachment showing the sliders that the output is going through tracks with nothing in them. Other screen shots are attached.

we can not see where the signals come from

I have a friend who left the microphone on and then picked up the speakers then he galloped for several days, it’s stupid but it makes me laugh again and again. see if your sound card is configured correctly then if you can post the full screen captures without the windows open over the console

microphone is totally disconnected. I’ll post the screen caps solo. Not sure if this is what you were requesting.

I can’t see where the signals come from either. Is there a way to tell?