Output Gain preference?

The problem is there isn’t one! I love SpectraLayers but “Pro” implies a minimum set of requirements - an overall output gain is so rudimentary it boggles the mind that there isn’t one. Also, Pro metering is another minimum requirement - the meters need to be at least 300% longer, with deliberate changes in colour (not 1980s gradients) and at least Peak/RMS/LUFS choices.

I think I look at the meters only once in a blue moon. With all of the visual and aural feedback provided by SL, the meters just aren’t that useful to me.

If I want to adjust gain in the file, I use the gain processor. I can calibrate things using the waveform amplitude display. If I want to adjust output gain in real time I use a mixer.

I think my eyes are most sensitive to the color green, so the display works for me.

I’m not sure an output gain is that much a “must have”, as Poinzy said adjusting the volume is usually done with either the OS volume mixer, or your audio hardware. Even expensive softwares such as RX Advanced don’t have volume control.
That being said, I’ll add it to the wish list for the next version.

Regarding the color of the VU Meter, you can customize it in the app Preferences (Interface > VU Meter Gradient). The default gradient is actually a pretty modern one, Laguna has been specifically invented a couple years ago to be perceptually uniform in term of luminosity, robust to colorblindness, and is from the same family of modern gradients such as Viridis or Inferno, which became the de facto standard for scientific visualization nowadays: Introduction to the viridis color maps

Adding the other comments (size, metering type) to the wish list as well.

I guess the meter display isn’t green, now that I look at it more closely. More evidence that I hardly pay attention to it.

Thanks for the quick replies! I should have been more specific re output level. My audio hardware and active monitoring is all calibrated so any level changes are handled from the software. I primarily use SL in standalone and it is 18dB louder than every other audio app on my system (RX8 included… which has a system output gain control in preferences). I think a master volume the GUI is not necessary (and probably a bad idea), but certainly an option in preferences for system gain control because “output level” and “monitoring level” are two completely separate functions. I literally have at least 50 audio programs on my system and SL is the only one without this feature.

As for the colour maps… I almost exclusively use Inferno on spectral editing but metering should catch your eye as it’s as much of a warning system as well as reference. The customizable metering in Cubase is ideal. Size wise, I’m sure I’m not the only one using a 4K monitor 8ft in front of me…

Thanks for adding my suggestions to “the list”. cheers, Mark