Output Knob In Eq

Hello, i wanna use only channel strip modules for mixing cause these consume less CPU and its One reason cause i upgrade to cubase artist, 8, i was working in cubase 5 before.
but have problem with volume compensation in Eq. So i must change fader volumen to do it and the mix balance is lose. For A/B bypass comparation its a problem toó, cant do it.
So i have to insert a fabfilter pro Q wich cause problemas toó. The gui open slowly and sometimes freeze cubase 8. Thats not happened in cubase 5.

So i think (and another people too) Output Knob is a basic thing every Eq needs and i areally apreciate it.
Thanks For your atention. Excuse any writening error. English isnt my native.


The channel EQ is great and does the job for 90% of me EQ needs but this is one simple feature that would be a huge help.

Please Steinberg, give us a simple output knob on the chanel EQ!

By the way, you could help out by using the gain in the channel strip. But it would be much more easy to have a output directly in the EQ, so A/B would be nicer.

Oh Yeah. Really basic, but really needed indeed!

I would like to have…

"Output Knob"


"AUTO GAIN" (!) (see: StudioEQ plugin)

in the Channel EQ.