Output knob/mix 1 question

I understand the main output knob on the front panel adjusts volume on main output jacks and is mix #1
Does this knob affect the level of Line outputs 1L/1R as they are mix one also or are the volumes independent? I want to be able to connect a headphone amp up to line outs 1L/1R and when i turn the volume control down have it only affect the monitor speakers on Main outs and leave the headphone amp volume alone on line outputs 1L/1R

That being said, Can you make the front panel knob adjust mix #2 or is it always set to output 1?

On my UR816 you can setup the MAIN OUTS to any of the 4 mixes.
Then the other 3 mixes you can send to Line outs 1 to 4 f.e.
You are free to choose.

I don’t completely understand the answer. Which “4 mixes” are you referring to? I thought there was only mix one and mix two. I’m not sure whether this answers “Can you make the front panel knob adjust mix #2 or is it always set to output 1?”

Not sure if you are aware that you can download the manual… I browsed it quickly and it seems to me that the main outs and line outs 1/2 output Mix 1 and the Main output level knob always controls Mix 1. Line out 3/4 outputs Mix 2.
I may have misinterpreted it so you might have a look and see if you agree.

The manual actually reads the knob “Adjusts the output signal level of the main output jacks” but doesn’t specifically read whether that includes volume of line output 1L/1R even though they share the same mix, they could, and I’m guessing most likely have separate volumes.

It does read: The [LINE OUTPUT1L/1R] jack outputs the MIX 1 signal and it does read the knob on the front controls LEVEL of main output jacks which sends mix one.

I read the main output knob on the front panel adjusts volume on “main output” jacks but does it control volume for Line outputs 1L/1R? I ask because it reads they have the same mix. See how there is some unanswered grey area? Normally on most interfaces the knob on the front only controls the main monitor outs, not any line outs or headphone outs even if they carry the same signal.

If you have a ipad by accident you can download the dspmixer app and try a few things.
I do not know the 44 , on my 816 the line outs are different from the main outs and are not affected by the volumeknob on the front.
Their volumes are controlled in the dspfx mixer app.

Thank you. That’s the way I would guess they would be but the manual is vague as we have mentioned about some things. I want to know because I just sent back a MOTU M4 that had few routing capabilities. It sounded great and worked flawlessly so it sucked to send it back but on that unit the volume knob worked on the main outs on lt that sent inputs 1-2. If you had a external preamp in input 3 or 4, and wanted to direct monitor, it would only come out of one side of the headphones unless you added DAW mix. And if you had a headphone amp in outputs 3&4 , you couldn’t direct monitor that through 3&4 as direct monitor only sent the signal to 1&2. Grrr. It sounded great, but I kept having to compromise on the way I wanted to monitor so that’s why I am looking at the UR 44C with the mixer. I had an old creative labs 1212PCie that blew the MOTU away for monitoring capabilities and had similar specs although the MOTU sounded better. I just hope the UR44C sounds good as the MOTU M4 as the specs aren’t as good,but at that doesn’t mean everything…

Got an answer. The front knob only adjusts the main outs not any line outs. That’s what I was hoping for. Now I can put a headphone amp into line out 1&2 and keep the same mix monitoring and turn off main speakers with the volume control!