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Hi! First off, I’m really digging Cubasis 3 so far (aside from some of the known issues)…but, in Cubasis 2 under the midi set-up tab there was a slider that you could adjust the output latency. It really helped in syncing up my external drum machines and sequencers for recording into Cubasis. Is this totally missing from version 3, or am I just looking in the correct place? I’m having a horrible time getting a tight sync in Cubasis 3 without this adjustment. Thanks

Hi thatguysmitty,

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Thanks Lars!

New User
Cubasis 3 iphone x
issue:: tracks out of sync after recording drum tracks with
imported music track. All ok while recording:/ playing. Track saved and the moved back to Band Lab
Drum track doesn’t line up, with pre existing audio tracks
Any feedback appreciated.

Hi SBotterbusch,

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There should be no issues to place imported audio files in the arranger.

Please double check that the tempo of the imported file matches to the project, or use time-stretch if required.
To properly place events in the arranger please make use of the grid feature, located in the top menu bar.

If the problem persists, please let us have a detailed bug report using our form below.

Hope that helps!


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