Output limited to -12db

Using 7.06 and having the following problem: all of a sudden the output is limited to -12db. There seems to be an “invisible limiter” inserted on the output and when i try raising the volume with the make-up gain of a compressor all i get is clipping and distortion. Due to Cubase 7.06:s unability to record audio reliably i had to open said project in Nuendo 4 to do an overdub and then lost “Cubase specific information”. When i reopened the project to continue mixing in 7.06 i noticed this problem, but it could have been there before. Is this the problem. What can i do?

Not sure this would help but are you sure you’re looking at “Post Panner” meters?
I have caught myself looking at “Input” meters and wondering why my inserts are having no effect . . . duh . .


Haha:-) I admit i could have done that but not this time. The output is brickwall limited with very audible results when -12 is exceeded.

Volume Max setting on the Project Setup Dialog :wink:

The only choices are +6 and +12 - not what he’s describing here.

Are you sure you don’t have a limiter on the channel strip active? Have you tried resetting (Functions Menu/Reset MC channels…) the output channel?

Thank you for your reply Adam. I worked around the problem by exporting all the individual tracks to a new project and the deleted the old file. If it happens again i’ll try your suggestions:-)

The strip channel is/was clean?