Output Mapping for an Expression Map.

When creating an Expression Map, sometimes for example, I want a sound both Staccato and Forte Piano.
In the Output Mapping, I add 2 “Note-On”, for staccato and Forte Piano.
I also have to add a different Controller for each of these Note-On. Do these Controllers have to be located at a special place for having an effect on each of the “Note-On”.
I don’t find nothing about that in the Help.

Well, the only place a CC could go is in the output mapping section, so have you tried switching the order between the note on and the CC?

(the instruments I use don’t require both note on and controllers, someone else might have better advice)

Can/have you checked that your instrument is receiving all the data and is able to respond?

Thanks for your answer !
Indeed, I had to put the most important Note-On and Controller at the bottom of the column and the less important at the top into the Output Mapping.