Output MIDI tack's name is messy code。

After I created a Rack track in neundo, and added many MIDI tracks, I named some of them Chinese. When I export the MIDI file,and then import it into a new project (open with Nuendo), or send the MIDI file to someone else (he opens it in Cubase), these tracks that have been named in Chinese have become garbled, showing a String question marks.
I tried reinstalling the program but that didn’t work.
I can’t find the relevant solution on the Internet either, I hope this can help me solve this problem.

Another problem is that when I choose to use the GM tone in the program selector in the observation area, after reopening the project, the option here will be invalid, and it will be changed to GM001 again. How to solve it

My friend is using Cubase and he has no problem with garbled names