Output monitoring issue

I’m struggling to solve a routing problem. I’ve read the manual and searched the Steinberg forums, tinkered and experimented, all to no avail. If anyone could suggest a solution, I would be grateful.

Running Cubase 8.5 with an RME Fireface 802 and a Fireface 800 linked via ADAT.

I have three output buses under VST Connections Studio: (1) “Phones” are routed to ASIO FF USB, Analog 9/10. Headphones work fine. (2) “Main Mix” is routed to ASIO FF USB Analog 1/2, which are connected to my nearfields. These work fine.

However, the third bus (3), labeled PA, which is routed to ASIO FF USB Analog 3/4, does not work in Cubase. No signal appears to be getting sent to this bus, and I’m at a loss for how to resolve it.

I don’t use the Outputs tab in VST Connections. Only the Inputs are configured, which all work fine, and Studio tab for the outputs.

Please note that when I play an audio CD on my computer, Window Media Player sends the signal to all of the buses, and I can control the levels in all software and hardware components. (Lol. Haven’t used that word in a long time. Dating myself, maybe.) This is what I’m trying to get from Cubase — to send the signal to both my nearfield bus and my PA bus and be able to control them both in the Cubase mixer, as well as in Totalmix and on my PA’s board. Right now, only outputs 1/2 work. I don’t get it.

Back when I was using Cubase 3.1, I had two stereo out channels in the mixer, the first being ouputs 1/2, and the other being outputs 3/4. I used whichever monitors I wanted. For some reason, in 8.5, I only have the one stereo out.

I’m guessing that the solution is a simple click somewhere, but I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
VST Connections Studio.png

The studio outputs must be switched in the control room mixer, they can in that configuration not be used simultaniously. If you had done that and still get no output to your PA speakers, then your Totalmix routing is not correct.

Thank you so much for the fast reply, Sven!

Totalmix seems to be configured correctly, otherwise I would expect to have problems using Media Player to play CDs. Playing CDs through Media Player is everything I want it to be.

But it almost sounds like you’re saying that it is not possible to run two stereo outs simultaneously on playback in Cubase, one to bus 1/2, the other to bus 3/4. Is this correct?

This doesn’t have to be the case, since your windows outputs can have a totally different rooting than your cubase outputs.

When configured as monitors, they can only be switched (not on my DAW at the moment, but im quite sure). To have them available simultaneously, you could for example use a cue channel fed with the main mix.