Output of group channel panned

I’m mixing vocals on Cubase 12 Artist. PC Win11 64GbRAM i9 12th Gen.
Image uploaded.
The vocals are routed into group channels by voice (3 group channels - top, mid, and low), which are, in turn, routed into a single group channel called Choir.
All the voice tracks are panned Centre.
The top voices Group track is panned R50, the Mids are panned Centre and the Low group channel is panned L50.
The levels on the voices are very similar.
It should sound even across the stereo but the output of the group channel Choir is heavily over to the Right. If I remove the Top line (panned R50) completely it makes no difference. All the plugins are stereo.
I want the choir central or, rather, even across the stereo sound.
I am confused and frustrated.
Anyone have any ideas how to get the Choir group channel output centred, without panning it to the Left?
Help, please.

Looks like you have a hefty low-cut filter on the group and the lows are on the left… so… it’ll naturally shift right?

Yeah, I thought of that, only, if I disable the e.q., nothing changes. And they’re all soprano singers very much in the same range.

No idea then. Double-check the routing? Just repan the group?

Anyone else?

The Mono/stereo version of Rverb is my guess. Try with just the stereo Rverb would be my suggestion. :slight_smile:

I can’t tell you how stressful that has been.

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Glad to help :slight_smile: