Output panning issues

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I’m using the UR824 with a 2013 Macbook Pro running Logic Pro X. I’ve updated everything, so I’m running the current firmware etc. When I record a track, I’m having some very frustrating issues with panning through Logic Pro X.

When I plug my headphones into the UR824 and use it as the output, at centre pan (on Logic) the track is very quiet, and when I pan either left or right, the signal merely increases in volume, but doesn’t pan. When I plug my headphones directly into my laptop and use that as the output though, the panning works fine.

So, the signal input is obviously fine, but something odd is happening on the way out, and I’m guessing it has something to do with the dspMixFx software. I’ll be honest, I’ve read every article I can find and clicked every option on and off, but nothing will fix it, and it’s extremely frustrating. I find the dsp a little baffling in general to be honest, if I could bypass it I would. Yes, I could just have my headphones through my laptop at all times, but that doesn’t really seem like a solution.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

You can’t bypass the DSP it mixes inputs and outputs…

Can you provide screenshots of the dspMixFX window?
Your description reads like a double routing.

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I dont know Logic, but check the output routing from your DAW.

Thanks for your response. Yeah, bypassing was more me being hopefuly than anything, I figured you had no choice but to run things through there. I’ve attached some screenshots - I honestly can’t see too many options as far as configuration though, so I’m obviously missing something. Track was recorded through input 2 if that makes any difference.


How do you plug your headphones into the UR? Adapter?

I plug in with an adapter, just the usual 1/8 to 1/4. I’ve tried three different adapters and a couple of different headphone though, and have the same issue.

Cheers for the reponse - yeah, Logic is pretty straightforard when it comes to routing outputs, there’s not too many places you can go wrong with the options there unfortunately (or fortunately I guess).

This sounds like the two channels might be mono and out of phase, though i have no idea how that could happen within logic.

What happens if you play back music from your computer, say from Youtube?

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I just tried it then using a few pan test videos on Youtube. Same thing happens - when I hook in directly through my laptop, I can hear the pan, but when I select the Steinberg as the output and hook my headphones up to it, we’re back to mono essentially. No discernable pan at all.

OK, so I did a bit more searching using different keywords, and I found the solution, which of course is frustratingly obvious. My headphones have a mic, and so have three bands on the audio jack - it’s obviously causing some major phasing issues, because I dug out an old set (the only set I hadn’t tried, and the only set without a mic), and with just the 2 bands on the jack, they work fine.

So, all the hours of frustration come down to that :wink: At least I get a new pair of headphones out of it I guess… Thanks again for all of your help, hopefully my next contribution to this forum is a little more useful.

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So it’s a headset, and this is not a good idea with adapters…
If you said this in the first post, I had already pointed you in the right direction… that was a vague idea with the question about the adapter…

Would you mark your post as solution, please?

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