Output Routing for Midi is changing when Disable/Enable Midi Tracks

I am building a template in VEPro 7 and Cubase Pro 10.5.
I have made a Instance in VEPro 7 called BBC Orchestra. I have filled up my Midi port 1 and all the 16 channels, so i just start on Midi port 2, Channel 1.
And now the problem is comming. When I disable and enabled the track in Cubase, my Midi por 2t is changing to Midi port 1. Why is this happening? I have tried to routing it to differents Midi ports, but it always go back to Midi port 1. I am confused :frowning: :astonished:

I just found out that I have to save my Template, and reopen it again. Then everything works. This has to be a bug. I hope it will be fixed