Output Routing in Inspector


I’ve searched for a solution to this, though can’t find an answer. When I open the project I’m working on, sometimes the Output Routing within the Inspector is very different to what I initially loaded. For example, in the image, I have the Rack instrument ‘Superior Drummer’ loaded, though sometimes, it’s a totally different Rack Instrument (e.g. an instance of Kontakt) that loads up. Does anyone know why this might be happening/how I can fix it?



I can see the SD as an output on the screenshot.

Yes Superior Drummer is there now, though sometimes, it’s a different Rack Instrument that loads up (instead of Superior Drummer).

Are you sure you haven’t created a track with Superior Drummer and then changed the instrument to be Kontakt, but the track name has remained as ‘Superior Drummer’ and this has confused you perhaps? (i.e. as track name and instrument don’t match).

I’m forever doing that. :slight_smile:

Also, there’s VSTi racks on the right hand side if you use the side bar view?
If you change them in there it will change the instance on the track too. Is that another possibility that may lead to them being changed unknowingly perhaps?

I’ve never known the wrong plugins to load, that’s for sure. Very very bizarre if that’s occurring for you.