Output Routing in mixer

I try to sidechain my kick in the mixer and in the routing section I pick no bus but it defaults to the nearest group bus it wont stay on no bus is this a setting a can not seem to find it

Explain the whole routing. It’s not clear why you would be trying to select no bus for side-chaining

I was getting that the other day when setting up a cue mix for reference tracks.

It was always the first audio track I created refused to be routed to no buss. The second would be fine.

Did you ever get to the bottom of this?
Having exactly the same issue ( first audio track only ).
Trying to set up a control room, cue reference track as my first audio track in the project.

When doing the sidechain pump effect it’s one method of not hearing the instrument creating the timing of the effect.
It’s a very common method. The other way is to go pre-fader and turn the fader down.