Output routing of MIDI track wrong for frozen Racks

after unfreezing a rack instruments i realized that the output routing for the midi track was changed! it was routed to another vsti from the rack. i corrected it and re froze the track, closed and opened the project and it was wrong again!

i’m really tired of these time wasters bugs


Did you try to play the track back after the unfreeze? Was the sound correct, or did it play a wrong sound?

it was obviously wrong, as it was routed to another rack instrument


Not really. There is a known issue in Cubase 12.0.70, which is related to the Disable Track function. If you disable and reenable a track, it might happen, it looks like the MIDI track is routed incorrectly, but if you play it back, it plays correctly. Unfortunately, if you close and reopen the project, visually the routing still seems to be incorrect, but the sound is correct. Maybe your use case is just another appearance of the same issue.

Could you please try it?

i think i never disabled that track (you mean the midi track, right)

the sound was wrong, i tried it

one think i noted yesterday is that another frozen track had the same problem in the same project and the interesting thing is that if
track A > Instrument A
track B > Instrument B
it ended like
track A > Instrument B
track B > Instrument A

the project has about 9 rack instrument. i think it might be something related to adding or deleting an instrument rack while tracks are frozen


This is exactly the result you get with the disabled tracks.

Can you reproduce it at any (other) project?

it didn’t happened in another project. could you share information about the bug and workaround?


You can find the description of the mentioned issue here.

wow! another big thread about troubleshooting a bug.
i wish i could make more music and not being a steinberg beta tester


I’m not able to reproduce it so far. Could you please provie a step by step repro?

  • Add and Instrument Track A.
  • Add a MIDI Track A routed to Instrument Track A (Channel 2?).
  • Add and Instrument Track B.
  • Add a MIDI Track A routed to Instrument Track B (Channel 2?).
  • Freeze the Instrument Track.
    Instrument Track A or B?
    Include Inserts for Instrument Track?
    Unload Instruments When Frozen?
  • Freeze the other Instrument Track ?
    Include Inserts for Instrument Track?
    Unload Instruments When Frozen?
  • Unfreeze the other Instrument Track.
    Instrument Track A or B?
    Delete or Keep the Freeze Files?

Thank you

i don’t have the exact steps as i discovered it accidentally by unfreezing and hearing the wrong sound

i can confirm i always freeze including inserts and unload instrument and unfreeze deleting freeze files