Output Routing - option not available in the inspector

Can you tell me how I set things up please? I want to hear playback via the soundcard, not the keyboard…
I have a Casio CT X700 connected to my laptop
I have played some notes into a MIDI track
If I play in Cubase, I can hear playback but only through the keyboard speakers.
I can’t hear playback via my sound card (audient ID14) or laptop.
The only options I can get for output routing in the inspector are ‘no connection’, Microsoft GS wavetable synth, CASIO, or, if I deactivate the GS wavetable synth then I get additional options of VSL - out 1, 2 and 3 but none of them let me hear anything either.
In the MIDI port set up I have the casio showing in the I/O ‘IN’ and for the I/O ‘OUT’ I have the Casio and GS Wavelength

Thanks for any help

Hi and welcome to the forum,

The principle is the same, as it is described in this thread.

(and replace every instance of Fantom XR with the name of your Casio device,

Thank you for the suggestion. I think you maybe assuming that my interface has a MIDI connection, which it doesn’t. Alternatively, I don’t understand the instructions!


Use USB instead of MIDI cables, please.

I have a USB cable going from the keyboard to the laptop. I have no usb connection in my interface.

Do you have step by step instructions saying what cables go where and which tabs I open to find the right settings please?


  • USB cable from CASIO to the computer for MIDI transfer.
  • Audio Out from CASIO to Audio In to audient ID14.
  • Audio Out from audient ID14 to speakers.

Settings (routing) in Cubase:

  • MIDI Track
  • Audio Track
    – Input: audient ID14 Stereo In
    – Output: audient ID14 Stereo Out
    – Monitor: enabled

Don’t forget to switch the Local Off on CASIO, please.

Thank you Martin, I will try that.

Hi, such valued help! Many thanks Martin.

Hi, if I connet my sound module with a midi cable going to my keyboard which is connected, via usb into pC. Would the be midi IN (MODULE) MIDI OUT (KEYBOARD)


My expectation is, the connection is following:

  • MIDI
    – MIDI keyboard Out > sound module Thru
  • USB
    – sound module <-> PC

In this case, the Input and output will be the sound module in Cubase. My expectation is, the MIDI keyboard is a keyboard only, with no sounds, right?

Its just to pass Midi info. For audio sound, spdif out of module and optical in to my apollo twin. So the question is for midi info between module, midi keyboard & cubase.

P.s the module driver does not work. Hence why i cant connect via usb