Output routing Problems

Mac Book Pro//-Saffire Pro 24 DSP//-Cubase 7-// Mixer Yamaha MG 166 C-USB
Hi there!
I’m trying hard to get 4 separate outputs to be pluged into a hardware mixer (Yamaha) for Live purposes.
The basic setting is one Stereo (Backing tracks)an a pair of Mono( Voices and a click track) output busses.
The outputs in the saffire: (1&2-stereo 3 mono, 4 mono)
The problem is that i can’t get nothing from the mono outputs even though everything is aparently well routed in the vst connections window.I mean the stereo output works fine but i can’t get no sound entering the hardware mixer from the mono outputs of the saffire
As you can see in the capture everything seems to be well routed
Can anyone help me to get my purpose
Thank you all
Captura de pantalla 2013-07-28 a la(s) 23.37.22.jpg

As Steve said: Learn how to use the Saffire MixControl.